Acquiring a Business Loan

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So you’re looking to expand or purchase a business, either as a first-time venture into entrepreneurship or to expand your existing company by acquiring new assets. The only problem is, you’re short on the capital needed to take on such a venture. Darn.

Naturally, you might think of going to a bank or credit union for a loan (after all, that’s supposed to be the place with all the money, right?). Or, perhaps, you’ve done a little research and know you’ll get a better deal if you go through the Small Business Administration (SBA) to get a loan. While loans from a bank or the SBA are still a viable source of financing, there are other sources available. Have you considered all your options?

If you need to know how to get a loan to buy a business, start by learning about these business acquisition funding options, then keep reading for some application tips and answers to common questions about business purchase loans.

Business Acquisition Loan

There is no one-size-fits-all business acquisition loan. The right type of business acquisition financing depends on your situation — for example, whether you are a first-time business owner, whether you already own another business, how much capital you need, and the particulars of the business you’re buying.

As follows are the main loan types entrepreneurs can use to buy out a business to help you determine which acquisition financing options will work best for you.


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